Ukrainian green way from farm to fork: organic production

(based on the online Discussion platform held on April 16)


The online event has attracted over 200 participants: experts and practitioners, representatives of international projects and organizations from Ukraine, Germany, Belgium. The discussion was held as a part of the International Congress "Organic Ukraine", since the well-developed organic production can become a locomotive and driving force for the introduction of a new agricultural policy in Ukraine.


The implementation of the European Green Deal in Ukraine - particularly in a field of so important for us agriculture, is a complex issue, which requires wide public discussion involving many people from various backgrounds. For while the EU's transition to the Green Deal is a build-up on the previous policy, for Ukraine it is a rather dramatic shift from current trends which poses a significant challenge.


Implementation of the European Green Deal, Farm to Fork Strategy, EU Organic Production Action Plan shall bring many changes. What will be the effect of increased amount of land managed and number of operators on Ukrainian producers? Would we maintain our leading position in the EU market? How shall the shortening of the supply chains affect our market? And how can we benefit from the new opportunities and minimize the losses during the transition?


The new EU policy includes not only provision for the significant enlargement of organic production in the EU, but that also for the increase of consumers’ demand for organic products. The panelists of the discussion agreed that increased demand will allow Ukrainian producers to continue exporting their produce to European neighbors. Moreover, special funding to support research and development of new technologies will be available to our farmers. However, the key to success, for both European and Ukrainian producers, is to change the practices in order to adapt to the new demands.


The whole news story and materilas of the event available by link.


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