Smart Living Challenge 2016 – Innovations for Sustainable Development

What is the main subject of the Smart Living Challenge Creative Workshop in Poltava?
To make changes in the city food consumption. To perform a city, where smart changes done by the city active people together transform their eating place in sustainable, comfortable, creative and attractive for tourists. To share Poltava and Swedish experience to other cities of Ukraine through learning experience and working together. During two days we will learn from the experts and each other, discuss the best ideas on improving EAT item in Poltava, creating smart ideas and looking together for ways to implement them.


About Smart Living Challenge
The Swedish Institute and Munktell Science Park initiated the Smart Living Challenge in 2014, as an open international innovation competition designed to generate business opportunities and ideas to promote sustainable lifestyles in cities. The Smart Living Challenge in 2015 shifted focus: from ideas to making it happen, having the same 3 topics to work at – LIVE, MOVE, EAT. With support from the Swedish Institute and SISP, the results of the process organized in 17 countries on five continents around the world, including Ukraine, were presented in Paris during the COP21, United Nations Conference on Climate Change, in December 2015.


How on Earth can we EAT smarter?
Food production – from field to fork – requires large amounts of energy and affects the environment in a variety of way. This category focuses on things like innovative solutions for smart food, smarter food production and consumption, solutions to reduce food wastage and increase importance of good local traditions. This could involve smart catering and innovative restaurants’ services, unconventional raw materials, urban gardening, distribution methods, green eco-cycle solutions, or low-resource cooking technologies. It could also involve smart packaging materials, or services that help consumers to choose smart food.


Who are the participants of Smart Living Challenge Creative Workshop
Local and foreign experts, professionals and creative minds, urban developing activists and innovators from Poltava and other Ukrainian cities, representatives of tourism, agriculture and catering businesses, regional government and all interested in the issue. 


Registration open till May 23d by link.
Workinf languales - Ukrainian and Eglish.


Full announcement in Ukrainian та English.


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Photo from workshop 2015, Ivano-Frankivsk

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