-         to engage as many people as possible in addressing problems of environment and sustainable development;

-         to encourage public participation in decision making on these matters at different levels.


Organisation aims to integrate principles of sustainable development in to society, country policies and governmental programmes by providing objective environmental and social information through mass-media, local communities, authorities, businesses, - involving all of them into practical actions. Social and environmenal aspects are always connected with economy, there are links between all three parts of SD, and people must know this.


Organisation assists building of sustainable communities by providing environmental and social information, which helps to improve places where people live and work giving them a chance to play their real role in shaping change for a preferable future. Green Dossier helps in revival of cultural traditions, arts and environmentally friendly businesses, which is directly connected with nature conservation. This requires people to take a long-term view of the economy, rather than adopting short-term fixes. As a result of delivering more sustainable economy people do more with less by making better use of resources, increase investment, promote stability and competition, develop skills and reward work.