Environmental protection projects

During the time if its existence, “Green Dossier” joined and provided projects related to preservation and creation of protected territories
Among these projects are:
- Kinburn: the territory of win-win agreements (2009-2010)

- Activity “Clean country!” – 2009. Activity on the International day of environment protection was held on the territories of four national parks of Ukraine by Television news service “1+1” and “Green Dossier”, supported by  United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Ukraine

- Collaboration with EU project “Complex using of Eurasia steppes”: shared activities in Trans-Carpathian Ukraine (2009)

- Developing of connections in-between natural territories for helping in conflicts resolution (2007)

- Co-work with UNDP/GEF project “Strengthening of Polissya ecological corridor” that was aimed to develop protected territories in Ukrainian Polissya. That included participation in designing of project’s informational strategy, spreading information for mass media, organization of press-tour for journalists and filming the documentary (2006-2008). More information about UNDP/GEF projects

- Environment protection activity it Carpathians – since 2002

- Earth day (since 1992). For several years Earth days were dedicated to creation of National Natural Park “Holosiivskiy”

Initial materials: