Nature conservation

Environmental protection projects

During the time if its existence, “Green Dossier” joined and provided projects related to preservation and creation of protected territories
Among these projects are:
- Kinburn: the territory of win-win agreements (2009-2010)

Protected territories

Biodiversity is all species of plants and animals that inhabit certain ecosystem. In turn, ecosystem is a combination of living organisms (plants, animals, fungi, bacteria) and conditions of their existence (landscape, climate, etc.). High level of biodiversity is one of the major features of ecosystem’s stability. Every species has its own “profession”: it consumes and produces certain sources, interacts with other organisms and extinction of only one “professional” leads to destruction of these interconnections.

Kinburn: the territory of win-win agreements (2009-2010)

Kinburn is a sandbar on the border of Kherson and Mykolayiv regions in Ukraine, that is located between the Dniproriver and the Black sea. This is the one of the last places in Europe not yet ruined by humans that still holds its natural values. It is still possible to protect the unique nature and to create adequate conditions for local residents.

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