Green economy and sustainable development

Green economy and sustainable development – projects

“Green dossier” provides projects on sustainable development starting from 2000. Just before The worldwide summit on sustainable development (Johannesburg, 2002), “Green dossier” created the cycle of 5 short films (UA version) that were shown during the Summit as well as on Ukrainian TV.

Green economy – the salvation of Humanity

During the past few years the world has experienced the number of crises from fuel to climate and financial. For last few decades about 60% of ecosystems has degraded, the level of carbon emissions has reached 40%, there is a significant deficiency of water sources, 1 billion of people suffers from hunger, another billion suffers from the consequences of over-nutrition and related diseases, every fourth person in developing countries lives below poverty line, two billions of people live for less than $2 per day.

Smart Living Challenge 2016 – Innovations for Sustainable Development

What is the main subject of the Smart Living Challenge Creative Workshop in Poltava?

European Solar Days 2013 in Ukraine: events, results

Preparation of European Solar Days in Ukraine started in March with an information campaign. Newsletter ESD News-2013 was distributed at the beginning of the campaign to 75 organizations that promote renewable energy, manufacturers installers and traiders of solar equipment, media and government. The digest contained general information about solar energy, last year developments and interesting Ukrainian and International events and experiences.

“Change of consumption style – global assignment for everyone for planet salvation” (2010)

Earth’s natural sources are limited. The salvation of our planet depends on many factors. One of them, probably, the most complex is that we have to change our habits, our way of thinking. These needs have to be understandable to all people on all levels. How to make it understandable to Ukrainians? Practical examples of two different Swedish towns prove that that is possible on the condition of co-working of city-government and population, involving informational and propagandistic structures.

Ukraine is on the Solar Days’ Map

Ukraine, which meets only 47-49% of its needs with its own energy resources, has a significant average annual potential of solar energy - 1235 kWh / m ². It is higher than in Germany, 1000 kW h / m ², which is actively developing this industry, and higher then in Poland, 1080 kW h / m ². The most favorable conditions for solar energy development exist in southern Ukraine - in Crimea, Mykolaiv, Kherson and Odessa, where it’s potential reaches 1450kW h / m ².

European Solar Days

International campaign aimed on promotion of solar energy use.

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