Carpathian initiatives

Green Dossier is working in the Carpathian region since 2002, including active participation in the implementation of the Carpathian Convention. We implemented about 20 projects there mostly focused on sustainable development of the region.

Facts in brief:

    * The Ukrainian Carpathians have less developed infrastructure comparing with other  Carpathian countries, less integrated into the European market;
    * The Ukrainian Carpathians still have more traditional life style practices and cultural heritage than mountain regions in other European countries;
    * Traditional agriculture in the Carpathians, destructed during Soviet and transformation times, needs tomove away from communist traditions toward reconstruction of traditional agricultural businesses, for sustainable development of the region according to the Carpathian Convention requirements;
    * Destruction of the traditional agriculture also is a reason of biodiversity losses: for simple surviving local people, for example, doing uncivilized business on fishing, forest products, not caring about nature conservation, even in the protected areas;
    * Destruction of traditional agriculture means also loss of cultural traditions and environmental friendly life style;
    * Global losses are connected with cultural problems;
    * There is an urgent need to develop supporting schemes for local traditional businesses, especially in the field of agriculture, based on cultural traditions and sustainable development.

Main problems recognized:

    * loss of traditional agriculture;
    * luck of support for the local attempts to reconstruct or preserve traditional agricultural production;
    * luck of interest and motivation at local level to keep agricultural traditions, which fail in competition with a global market;
    * luck of knowledge about innovative tools and practical experience.