Agriculture is the catalyst to transition into “green economy”

Survey research in sub-region of EECCA

Green economy is an initiative of UNEP

Nowadays governments of all countries of the World are looking for solutions to financial, food, economical and climate crises. The concept of “green economy” initiated by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) suggests to look on the situation from the macro economical point of view and to direct the efforts and investments to the key economic sectors (industry, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, water supply, transport, waste management and environmentally friendly construction), at the same time taking care about stimulation of economic development, jobs creation, and poverty reduction, as well as reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, economic using of natural resources and reduction of wastes.

The goal of the “green economy” survey research in EECCA region

UNEP, in collaboration with governments, national and international organizations that work in the spheres of agriculture, food production and economical development, has started a sub-regional initiative on “green economy” survey research. Armenia, Moldova and Ukraine were the first countries in the sub-region, where national projects aiming development of “green economy” survey research where held.
The survey research includes the state of the sector: possible economical profit, income formation, jobs creation, poverty reduction, advantages of investments into sustainable forms of agriculture. The research includes the block of propositions considering political reforms, investments and activities on creating potential for transfer to green economy.
The researches for providing the corresponding national content and the support of national resources were held by national institutions and experts. UNEP, IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) and other international organizations provided necessary technical support. Besides, in every country there were held national workshops aiming to create the consulting process between all groups interested that are involved into the organic production.


The project initiator - United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) - is a structure of UN organization that is intended to solve ecological problems on global and local level. UNEP heads UN “green economy” initiative that gains income and support from more than 20 UN structures as well as the great number of institutions from governmental, private and non-governmental sectors.


The international partners of the project are the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) and Grolink.


National partners in Ukraine:
International Charitable Organisation “Information Center “Green Dossier” – organization and holding of national workshops
Organic Federation of Ukraine – development of national research survey.
The research will soon be available in the public access.

Photos from the first national workshop.